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Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa came a little early to the Goff house. Grandma is up in Iowa with her sisters for Christmas this year. She's up there taking good care of herself and getting her treatments. Since she couldn't be down here with us this year, she sent packages. When Courtney and I took the inventory of our own Christmas gifts plus the Christmas packages she sent, we decided we'd better spread it out a little. I mean, how much can a two-year-old take on Christmas morning?!?!
So, Wed. night we went to tearing open the gifts. Grace enjoyed that part quite a bit! She received quite a few clothes.

She was particularly proud of a flowered skirt she received. She immediately pulled it on! Dress-up has begun apparently. Now if that get-up wasn't enough, she then opened the snow boots and immediately donned them... with the flowered skirt and the PJ top. Wow, what an eclectic fashionista!

She also got some warm, fuzzy, cute little fleece PJs that she was pretty proud of as well. (Can you tell she's a clothes girl?)

One of the funniest (and meanest, Courtney!) moments of the night was the set of books from aunt Kathy. One of the books is a dinosaur book... a pop-up dinosaur book! Daddy opened it up and starting showing it to her, and POP! Out came a giant T-REX head... along with very realistic sounds from Daddy. Well, needless to say, it concerned Grace that a prehistoric beast had made its way into her living room! Up she jumped and over to Mommy she ran!

At one point, I think Grace had had enough pretty paper and bows and was ready for her big show. She looked at me, and said, "I've got to dance!" She jumped up in all of her snow booted glory and started spinning and dancing to the music on the TV. It was pretty funny, and I'm going to post a video here.
Mommy and Daddy also opened Christmas gifts from Grandma. Grace was also more than willing to assist in that process as well. We had a fun Christmas and will miss not having Grandma down here with us, but we hope she has a wonderful time up there with her sisters!

Merry CHRISTtmas!!


Old Saint Nick...

Monday, December 15, 2008

We went to Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO to check out the most famous Santa around. Everyone told us that it was THE place to go to do the Santa thing. Well, we had a blast! First we went for "Breakfast with Santa". That was a lot of fun. They had music, songs, dancing, and even a little play. After leaving there, we went out and wandered around the store and on into Santa's Wonderland. They had places to write letters to Santa, to color, to shoot toy guns, to watch trains, to have fun, fun, fun! Grace had a ball. She even picked out a few Christmas presents... under Daddy's suggestions of course.


Kickin' Off Christmas at the Parades

We recently were on the church float for the Monett and Pierce City Christmas parades. The theme was "Christ, The Foundation for our Nation". We had revolutionaries, George Washington, Abe Lincoln & a freed slave, an American Indian family, and us, the pilgrims. I can't say that I've ever worn a bonnet before! It was fun though, and Grace had fun being on the float!

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