Princesses and Hot Dogs

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our first Halloween Trick or Treating in Pierce City... complete with a fairy princess and a little hot dog (he plumps when you cook em')... and ketchup and mustard too!


Fall Farm Foliage

Monday, October 26, 2009

I love these old dogwoods, oaks, and hickories.


What's Goin' On at the Farm

Grace loves the neighbor's tractor. Daddy thinks he wants one too... except he'd like a big orange one with a front loader. Keep dreamin' Daddy...

Courtney has also developed a love for GIANT sweet potatos. This one we dug out of our garden... it's a freak. 8 lbs. 18.5” around and 13” long

And here's bathtime.
Garrett has really grown to love and enjoy bathtime. He likes the warm water and how Mommy makes funny faces at him. And occasionally, if we're really lucky, we have a fountain in the tub too. HA! ;-)


I've Become Too B.U.S.Y.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A friend posted this link, and I wanted to share it with you all. I am very ashamed to admit that I've fallen into this trap. I know I've been feeling His tug to get my priorities in the right order. Will you also take the time to watch this, and let it speak to you about your life?
CLICK HERE to watch this very powerful video and decide for yourself.
We all have different circumstances, and what's right for me may not be God's will for you and your family. I just hope that this reaches someone that needs it right now.


A Visit to the Firestation

Saturday, October 10, 2009

That's right. Grace got to sit IN a REAL fire truck. Hey, even I haven't ever sat IN a fire truck. Of course, we've seen them up close and personal... you know, like ON our property when Courtney tried to torch the place a few years ago... but I'll let him tell you why he chose to leave the pit burning on a slightly windy day and how quickly tall field grass catches and the AMAZING view of a cedar tree standing with flames 20 feet tall shooting out the top of it. Yes, I'll let him tell you more about that.

So, it was good for the Goff family to go to the firestation for a field trip day for Parents as Teachers. I think we might be able to use the fire safety lessons we learned there as well.

Grace was not too fond of the loud sirens though...


Life Is Good

Life really is good. I woke this morning to a beautiful fog all over the valley. What a view off my back deck!

I also wanted to share some picks of some of our critters out here.

We have some beautiful birds out here... Shakira and Buffy are our two new exotics... the chickens with the "fluffy" cheeks. They are "Easter Egg" chickens; called this since they lay eggs that are green, blue, pink, you name it. Pretty cool birds. And FULL of personality. That's right... a chicken with a personality. We've sure got em' out here!

Oh yeah, and I CANNOT forget Zelda... that poor dog. She got "make-upped".


The Kiddos

Grace is now 3 and Garrett's just hit his 3 month mark, so I thought it was time to post some new picture updates.

I attempted to take some pictures of Garrett in the same white sleeper that Grace had in her 3 month pictures. They came out close enough for our little camera!

This was fun. I tried to get Garrett's progression from almost mad to MAD BABY!!

Ahhhh, and thankfully, he has his happy moments too!

And here's my little ham... Grace - all decked out in Razorback apparel. Papa would be proud!


The Pepper Bounty
Here comes the cold weather... which means getting VERY busy harvesting what's left in the garden before it goes away for good. Today, we dig sweet potatoes. Yesterday, Courtney harvested every pepper he could find. Here's the bounty! (Now I've just got to process & freeze all of them. Well, except all those jalepenos. We'll be taking a load of those to church tomorrow to beg people to take home!!!!!)

Jalepenos - Now that's a bowl full of HOT!

Bell Peppers - these have been notable sweet this year.

Banana Peppers - I love these. They're a much milder pepper. Perfect for throwing in ANY dish!

Thankfully, he'd already spent some time the other day smokin' some jalepenos to make chipotles! Yea!!

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