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Monday, May 19, 2008

OK, Had to share this with the folks out there... found it kind of funny and a bit challenging to think about...

It's from the game "Would you rather"... I'd love to see your posted comments on any that you find funny or hard to answer as well!

Would you rather:
Eat a can of cat food -or- eat 7 whole lemons (seeds, pulp, juice, and rind)?
Eat a can of cat food - I mean, 7 cats & our dog loves this stuff... it can't be that bad.

Have one child who is totally out of control -or- 9 children who are well behaved angels?
Oooooh, wow. This is tough, but I think that if we had the means to support all of them, I'd go for 9 well-behaved kids.

Have an attractive spouse with a hideously annoying laugh -or- an attractive spouse who is a really bad dresser (we're talkin' middle age polyester here...)?
Really bad dresser. I can always get mean and dress him if it's that out of control.

Without ever being able to wash them, be forced to forever use the same bath towel -or- sleep in the same sheets?
Ugh. Sheets are so long lasting... I mean we're talkin' 8 hours here... but then again, if you mess up the towel... cleanliness is over. I guess I'm gonna say use the same sheets... I'd just shower before bed every night.

Publicly mud wrestle your spouse -or- a stranger?
As mean as we can be, I'd wrestle Courtney. That'd be quite a show! HA!!!

Wake up one day and not recognize your friends and family -or- wake up one day and have them not recognize you?
That's tough. I'd rather deal with them not recognizing me. That way, I would have the opportunity to reintroduce myself to them and get them back in my life that way.

Have very, very smelly underarm sweat -or- non-odorous underarm sweat that nonetheless causes terrible stains on all your clothes?
Non-odorous sweat. I can always change & buy new clothes. Besides, I sweat like a pig already.

Have one thick, furry eyebrow across your entire forehead -or- an inordinate amount of ear and nose hair that cannot be removed?
This is one I truly can say neither. No thanks.
But since that's not the rules, I guess I'll go for the unibrow.

Have all your friends be smarter than you -or- have all your friends be much better looking than you?
Good grief. Smarter friends could be handy... I'll go for smarter. That way I can be edumacated... yeah.

As a 25 year old, forget your entire childhood up to age 15 -or- lose your memory of the last 5 years?
Shoot not much there from 20 to 25... sure I got married but really it was just newlywed stuff and college. Who really wants to remember that?

As a groom, forget the ring -or- be one hour late for your wedding?
I'm no groom, but I'd say it would be safer to forget the ring... at least you could use a "dummy" ring as a stand in.

Be offensive -or- incredibly passive?
Incredibly passive - I'm not sure either are going to do any good though...

Share your home with six 90-year-old men and six 90-year-old women -or- 2 ostriches?
Ostriches. Birds rock.

Get free gas for your car for the next 5 years -or- be exempt from speeding tickets for the rest of your life?
Have you seen the price of gas lately? Gas. Besides, I rarely get speeding tickets... of course, I drive conservatively to save on gas but if gas is free...

Have the power to read minds -or- the power to make anyone fall in love with you?
Read minds, but only ones I want to read. And definitely not everyone's at the same time!

Spend every minute for the rest of your life indoors -or- outdoors?
Outdoors, hands down.

Hang upside down suspended from the Eiffel Tower by a nylon cord -or- be strapped to the wing of a flying airplane with only duct tape?
Eiffel Tower - at least it's still.

Be 6 feet tall and ugly -or- 3 feet tall and beautiful?
3 feet tall and beautiful... I could just shop in the children's clothes section.

Be stranded on an island for 2 years with 20 friends -or- with a group of 20 famous people of your choosing?
20 friends. Most celebrities are psychotic.

Be stuck in a warm, dark place -or- a cold, light place?
Cold, light place. I can handle cold but constant darkness would just be depressing.

Have a photo developer always lose your photos -or- have the airlines always lose your luggage?
Photo developer can hose it up all he wants. We rarely develop our digital pics anyway. We're just that kind of people.


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